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AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. answers the need for precision temperature control over those long, hot summers.  We combine quality equipment with the modern features that save time, cut costs, and enhance comfort.  Established in 1962, we have firsthand knowledge of every major manufacturer of cooling equipment, and only endorse proven winners.  Whether you are installing new or updating your existing air conditioner, we customize our recommendations to your exact requirements, ensuring reliable performance and ongoing satisfaction.  Our licensed team of technicians stay updated with advancing technology, bringing you the leading innovations on the market today.  From economical cooling to the advantages of a zoned system, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. delivers the answer to a more enjoyable home.

Reliable Air Conditioner Installations

As a family owned and operated business in Lexington & the surrounding counties, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. appreciates the importance of a healthy, welcoming, and refreshing home environment.  And we appreciate the need to cut unnecessary costs.  We specialize in zoned systems, offering greater opportunity for energy savings while improving overall comfort.  Rather than maintain your entire home at one temperature, a zoned system allows you to adjust settings in various areas independently.  Family members are able to choose their ideal temperature without affecting everyone else.  There’s no need to condition rooms that are unoccupied, or over cool the entire house because of a single room that tends to heat up in the afternoon.  You’ll also spare the system from wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan and fewer repairs.  And you can control everything from your smartphone.  While it may sound like pure luxury, you’ll also reduce energy costs by up to thirty percent.

For air conditioning installation throughout Lexington & the surrounding counties and surrounding areas, call AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc.!

Call on AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. for rewarding cooling installation service across Lexington, Cynthiana, Flemingsburg, Frankfort, Georgetown, Harrodsburg, & the surrounding counties.  We provide prompt scheduling, stick to an organized timetable, and handle the many details that make all of the difference.  Our technicians respect your home and property, and take the time to familiarize you with operation.  AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. is synonymous with Comfort You Can Count On.