New Construction HVAC in Lexington, KY

& the surrounding counties

Whether you’re building your dream home or installing a new HVAC system into an existing home, don’t underestimate the importance of the decisions you make at the very beginning.  Call on the experienced team from AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc., and we’ll make sure you realize your long-term goals for comfort, noise levels, energy conservation, operational costs, aesthetics, and control over your indoor environment.  We provide the information, recommendations, and services you need to add enjoyment, usability, and value to your home.

Expert New Construction HVAC Installations

Founded in 1962, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. is well-established and proven reliable.  We have experience with all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, and have tackled every type of project.  No matter the size of your home or challenge it may present, we offer a wide selection of sizes, styles, and innovative features and deliver a customized solution that’s exactly right for you.  From zoned control and WiFi access, to unprecedented energy efficiency, we meet your expectations and ensure sustainable performance.  Specializing in geothermal units, heat pumps, complete cooling systems, furnaces, and air quality solutions, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. fulfills every item on your wish list.

Call our team for heating and cooling installations for your new construction project!

Family owned and operated, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. places great importance on the safety, budget, and comfort of your home.  Our team of highly trained and updated experts handle every stage of your project properly, to a rigid timetable, and defined budget.  We accurately calculate the heating load, utilize only quality materials, and stand behind our work.  Our many years of service across Lexington, Cynthiana, Flemingsburg, Frankfort, Georgetown, Harrodsburg, & the surrounding counties and growing list of satisfied customers are a testament to our commitment to excellence.  Once your project is complete, you can trust that we’ll always be here, year after year, at any time that you need us.  Call on AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. for new HVAC installation.  Comfort You Can Count On.