Geothermal HVAC in Lexington, KY

& the surrounding counties

Looking for the most cost-effective and rewarding heating and cooling system for your home?  Geothermal systems take advantage of the free thermal energy that’s stored right in your backyard.  No matter what the outside air temperature is, the ground temperature just below the surface is relatively constant year round.  The geothermal system transfers the warmer energy into your home in the winter, and in the summer, reverses the process, for ideal temperatures at all times.  Because the unit moves heat, rather than creating it by burning fuels or standard electrical consumption, efficiencies can be as high as five hundred percent.   This is possible because the small amount of electricity required to power the unit results in four to five times that amount in thermal energy for the home.  In other words, you’re going to substantially cut your budget while greatly improving the enjoyment of your home.  Just call on the professionals from AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc., and we’ll provide the information, recommendations, and services you need to design, install, and maintain your geothermal system in Lexington & the surrounding counties.

Enjoy the convenience of a geothermal HVAC system!

Unmatched energy savings, operating efficiency, and environmental impact are just the start.  You can rely on your geothermal system for free supplemental hot water, fewer maintenance requirements, complete humidity control, and safe operation.  There’s no combustion, exhaust, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide emissions.   Expect double the life expectancy of traditional HVAC equipment, with the indoor unit lasting around twenty-five years, and the ground loop system providing reliable operation for an average of fifty years.  Established in 1962, we at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. are not only proficient in geothermal systems, we’ve seen the remarkable durability of these units firsthand.

For geothermal HVAC installations and service, call the team from AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc.!

Proper design and installation of geothermal systems require the services of qualified professionals with specialized knowledge. Count on the experts from AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. to deliver optimum results from your investment.  We have the background, training, and dedication to see to the big and little details that add value to your home, convenience to your life, and savings in your pocket.  We’ll help you complete your project quickly and accurately, and trim your utility bills by up to eighty percent.  Family owned and operated, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Service Inc. works to higher standards. Rely on us for Comfort You Can Count On.